Dr. Beth A. Brown

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Board of Directors

Ms. Frances B. Brown, Pres.

Mr. Larry W. Brown, Vice Pres.

Ms. Vivian N. Bratton

Ms. Adonna English

Me. Michelle Gaither

Mr. John J. Goss

Mr. Byron Hamlar

Mr. T. Anthony Kolb

Mrs. Clarissa Nash

Ms. Joy Sutton

Dr. James Tarter

Rev. Carl Tinsley

Ms. Eunice Younger

District of Columbia

Dr. James Lindsay (Howard Univ.)

Col. LaSalle Petty, Jr. (Ret.) - Foundation Advisor

Upper Malboro, Maryland

Mrs. Ann Pierce

Atlanta, GA

Sgt. 1st Class Stephen pullins

Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Lloyd D. Hackley - Foundation Advisor

Raleigh, NC

Mr. Randal Calloway

Honorary Board of Directors

Ms. Kia Baptist

Dr. Shelly Brown-Jeffy

Dr. Howard Kea (NASA)

Mr. George "Killer" Miller

Mr. Jack Sale

Dr. Reginald Shareef

Foundation Supporters

Ms. Sheyonn Baker

Ms. Willie Bonds

Mrs. Sally R. Brown

Ms. Sylvia Calloway

Ms. Nona Florence

Mrs. Louise Hunt

Ms. Arnita Preston

Mr. Elwood Wright

Mrs. Frances Brown, President

P.O. Box 6134

Roanoke, VA 24017

Telephone (540) 366-4868

Email : drbethabrownsciencefoundation@drbethabrownsciencefoundation.com

Web: www.drbethabrownsciencefoundation.com


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